DRISKILL was formed by banjo player, Ethan Driskill and guitarist, JD Williamson. The folk-rock duo turned full band performs with a blend of rolling banjo lines, beautiful harmony variations, big electric sounds, and other folk/blues rooted instrumentation. This group is taking ownership of the folk-rock genre.
Originally driving off of Ethan Driskill’s self released 2014 EP “Summer Haze,” the duo released their first full length album “Country Blues” on April 8, 2016 through Attic Space Records. With honest lyrics, catchy rhythms, and defining sounds that are sure to stick with you, Driskill and Williamson’s songwriting is sure to be a new staple in the music world.

The Stonewalls surround Mike Blair like the perfect fitting sports coat with tight, clean sound that showcases the talented musician’s uniquely soulful voice. The sound is powerful, surrounding the vocalist/guitarist, Mike Blair, with a richness that permeates the room. Blair approaches his songwriting with a vulnerability that translates on stage.

Striking Copper is redefining Americana music hailing from the coast of Wilmington, North Carolina. Led by two powerhouse twin sisters Allie and Jacqueline, who bring a feminine charm to their rock and roll counterparts. “There’s something empowering about being on stage with the person you’ve known your entire life. It brings a sense of deep rooted love and respect to our performances, and that spills over to our entire band,’ says Jacqueline.”

Striking Copper is rounded out with Matthew Donnelly (vocals, rhythm guitar), Daniel Bennett (lead guitar), John Stewart (bass guitar) and Frank Cacciutto (drums).

Striking Copper draws from humanity, finding strength in vulnerability and the healing power of home. The six piece band uses haunting vocal arrangements, accompanied with full volume instruments, delivering a lasting, melodic sound.

Raised by musically enlightened and ever encouraging parents, Striking Copper’s cradle was rocked by the hands of legends like Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, Joni Mitchell, Journey, Fleetwood Mac, CSNY, Earth Wind and Fire and Led Zeppelin, among others. Now that they have developed their own, Striking Copper has combined their enigmatic tastes to produce a full circle performance.

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